Want to Learn some Romantic Spanish Phrases to Impress your Girlfriend?

Isn’t it a great feeling when romance is in the air?

When a man goes to all lengths to woo a woman, it makes for the perfect love story!  Now if only you knew what to do to woo someone you love!

Well, not to worry; all you need to do is learn some romantic Spanish phrases which are sure to get the attention of that special someone.

While that sounds like a great idea to you, you probably have your doubts because:

  • You don’t know one ounce of Spanish
  • You feel embarrassed at the thought of getting into character
  • You’re wondering if those phrases will invoke laughs instead of love

All of those things really aren’t things you should be worrying about!  Spanish is in itself a romantic and expressive language.  Once you learn the correct pronunciations and understand what the phrases are saying, there will be no need to get in to character or worry about how they will go over.

So without further adieu, here are some popular Spanish love phrases that are sure to get that special person attracted to you and interested in what else you have in store!

  • He estado pensando en ti – this phrase means “I’ve been thinking about you” and can be used when you encounter the person after a long time of being apart
  • Sólo puedo pensar en ti – “I can only think of you” is one of those romantic Spanish phrases that will prove to that person that you’re really enamored
  • Eres spectacular – using a phrase that means “You are spectacular” is the perfect way to let your special someone know how you feel about her
  • Mi tesoro – can you imagine being called “My treasure”?  It really says a lot about how you feel
  • Cada hora que paso contigo me parece un segundo – saying “Each hour that passes with you seems like a second” indicates that you want to be with the person forever

Now, if you want to keep it simple yet meaningful, take a shot at these:

  • Te amo – there’s no better way to say how you feel than “I love you”
  • Te deseo – “I desire you” will instantly tell the person of your desires to be with them
  • Te extraño – letting somebody know “I miss you” will only make them look forward to being in your presence again

These shorter love phrases in Spanish will be sure to get your point across without too much complication!

Are you now realizing how easy it is to be romantic with the help of romantic Spanish phrases?  You can definitely express your true feelings while being romantic about it by using these wonderful Spanish love phrases.

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