Rosetta Stone Review – Best Language Learning Software Program?


Rosetta Stone is one of the most commercially popular language learning software programs available today.† It is quite successful thanks in part to its wide advertising campaigns.† These campaigns include presentations on RosettaStone aired on television and previewed on the Internet and in magazines.


The design behind the Rosetta Stone software program is one that integrates audio with text and images for a better learning experience for students.† For the ultimate learning experience, a combination of sound, imagery and accompanying text will allow a student to grasp the concept much better than if they were relying on just one of the three.

What the Rosetta Stone language learning program prides itself on is its ability to teach students a new language in the same way they learned their native language.† This is part of why the product has been so successful; there is this ease of use that learners can relate to.


Rosetta Stone Ė Easily One of the Best Language Learning Software Programs!

Rosetta Stone language learning is setup in a way where students are presented with a set of pictures then hear a spoken word that comes with accompanying text on the screen.† From that combination, you are able to try and identify the picture that corresponds with the word and spoken language until you get it right.

The designers of the software package feel that trial and error are an essential part of quick learning.† They also try to create the kind of environment that allows you to learn in the language you are studying and not in your native tongue.

The Rosetta Stone software program caters to a wide range of languages, however Spanish is perhaps the most popularly bought version of the software program.† As with any other product however, there are strengths and weaknesses to the Rosetta Stone package.† From what you will see shown below, you should be able to decide for yourself if this product is one that would suit you.


  • One of the key advantages of the RosettaStone language learning software program is that it allows flexibility for students so they can either choose the units they want to study or follow the recommended learning sequence indicated in the software.† This flexibility allows students to spend time focusing on areas that they are weakest in and also work at a pace that will allow them to learn best.
  • Rosetta Stone ensures to use native speakers in whichever language their software is teaching to help students grasp the proper pronunciation and accents.† This, of course, is a key part of successful language learning.
  • Impressively, Rosetta Stone offers Level I courses in a wide range of languages that are not normally offered by modern language learning software.† These languages include Hindi, Polish, Vietnamese and Turkish.


  • What some users have found about the Rosetta Stone program is that the exercises are quite repetitive. This can result in them losing focus and interest in what they are learning.† That can never be a good thing for a program that is supposed to teach you how to speak a language.
  • Although the language learning package gives you a good basis and foundation in the language you are studying, the material you learn in the first level is really not anything you can go out with and use to make conversation.† Material that helps in conversation skills is are introduced in Level 2 though.
  • The learning experience, especially at Level I, is not exactly what it should be for a number of users.† This is because the program is set up in a way to allow users to easily identify the answer to a question even if they have no idea what it should be.† The placement of images in relation to the questions being asked makes it very easy for students to guess the answers as opposed to choosing them from knowledge gained.

Rosetta Stone software caters to just about anybody from kids as young as 10 years all the way to adults.† The software is fairly easy to use and comes in five levels.† There is an online demo available for you if you feel you need to test the style of teaching to determine if it suits your style of learning.

There are two ways to acquire RosettaStone software.† You can do an online subscription instead of buying the home delivery software.† This makes it more affordable and much more flexible for you to purchase when you can afford it.† Secondly, you can buy all five levels on CD and have them delivered to you in one package. †If for some reason there is dissatisfaction with the product, there is a 6-month money-back guarantee for the CD version of the software.

Rosetta Stone is widely acclaimed and is considered by many to be the best software to learn Spanish and we can strongly recommend this product to those who are looking to really learn ans speak the Spanish language at a professional level.

If you only need to learn enough Spanish for vacation and travel purposes we recommend that you choose the SynergySpanish course rather than the one from Rosetta Stone.

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